Friendship ☺☻

I think Friendship is directly connected to love. Love, Trust, and Honesty are the main ingredients for a long lasting Friendship. Friends are the people who are beside you whether it’s sunny or rainy. People that are still at your side even if the whole world is against you. Someone who arrives when others go away. Friends are the people who know all about you and still love you just the same. I think without Friendship, like Love, Life isn’t worth living. I mean think of a person that doesn’t have friends. I would think that person’s life must be dull and lonely. I couldn’t survive that.

True Friendship doesn’t end. Even if you’ve gone separate ways, it doesn’t matter. Whether you’ve gone to another country or school, both of  you still connect with each other somehow. You yourselves would find a way to do that. True Friendship is like.. well I couldn’t think of anything to compare to it. Possibly, an old tree. With all the challenges and hardships, it had survived. 

Honesty and Trust is needed in a friendship, just as much as love. Without trust, without Honesty, Friendship wouldn’t last. I know it’s hard to give or trust a person, but if you truly love that person, as a friend, you would. Honesty is, like everyone says, the best policy. You have to be truly honest to your friend, or else, you would lose their trust. Be frank with your friend, not lying to them. They need to hear what you have to say. Whether it has something to do with other people or not. Your friend has to know, if it is about them. Don’t be a backstabber because, well, you’d stab your friend in the back, for one. And, again, lose their trust.

I love my friends. I always try to connect with them, even we are in different schools right now. This summer, I plan gimiks for us to enjoy. We call each other often, using the telephone or sometimes even cellphone. We fight, yes, sometimes even often, but we always fix it with the use of communication. Yes, we have different interest, for example, my friends love Naruto, I don’t, but we somehow we solve that. You could have different groups of friends. Just make sure you spend just equal time with both groups.




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