Someone who…♥

I guess there is always, somehow, someone who watches someone he loves fulfill her fairy tale with her dear prince charming. Live her happy ever after. Loves her dearly and sincerely. Comforts and guides her in the times of weaknesses and hardships. His true love may be ignored by the person he loves, but he continues it in the hope that someday, maybe, she might be his. No one could blame someone for this kind of love. This kind of loves is true, yet ignored. Patience and Sincerity is the key of these people and their hope is be loved. Sometimes, I wonder why these people bother, to loves someone that might never ever love them as they love them but, I understand that it’s truer than true, it’s love. So pure and free that it could never be stopped by any situation that goes in its way. I salute those who could love this way. Nothing could compare to a love like this. Nothing. Its like battling through an impossible hope of love. Loving someone, not being loved back. It must hurt a lot. But they ignore the fact that they may never be loved back. Instead they just simply love.

A love like what Snape felt for dear Lily Potter. They were childhood friends. Grew up together. It could be a perfect love story of the boy and girl next door, but it was never like that. Snape watched Lily love James. It must be hurtful to experience that excruciating pain. Waited for her, hoping that she might love him back. But never did it happen. James and Lily lived their happy ending, until… Well until Voldemort killed them. Hurt and wounded, Snape couldn’t bare lose Lily. With the boy in danger, Snape had to protect him, atleast in memory of his poor Lily. He might have had a bad impression to Harry. He looked like someone evil and cruel.. and even probably HEARTLESS to Harry but, of course, he was never heartless, never for Lily.



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