Love ♥

Love is a always a difficult topic. I suppose no one could answer the question “What is Love?” without thinking about it first. Love is the best thing in life. Without Love, Life’s not worth living. Love is caring for someone you truly trust and care for.

The thing about love, it’s hard to love, to trust someone with your heart, that they’d take good care of it. It would be hard to love again, once that trust was broken by someone. Nothing could replace that trust you once gave that person. Time could heal your  heart but never completely put it back as it was before. Of course, you’d like that but, it’s impossible. There would always be hurt in your heart that that person left.

Love is like a dove. It’s free to fly. No one could control it, no one. Every one’s got their own decision to love. It’s as pure as a dove, as well. Love couldn’t be poisoned by lies and deception. It stays pure and innocent. And to love is as light as an eagles feather, once it’s true.

Forgiveness is another thing. It is another choice, besides revenge. Between you and me, it’s the better choice. Forgiveness is giving the person that hurt you another chance, First of all, God forgives a contrite heart and gives the person another chance to change. Share it. No feeling could be better than the feeling that you forgave someone, that truly hurt you. It’s like taking away the burden of hatred in your heart. It’s the best gift anyone could give to anybody. It’s hard to forgive, surely. Especially if you were really hurt by that person, that it left a grave hole in your heart that was begging to be filled, but it was never filled again. Trust me, that hole would be healed once you learn to forgive and let go.




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