There is nothing permanent in life, except Change. Change is always happening in life, in different ways. Whether you’re changing  small things like your hairstyle or changing a big part of you like going to a higher year, for example.   Every change comes with a new set of responsibilities or, simply, adjustments to maintain the change. I think the hard part of change is the adjustment to it. You can’t just suddenly adapt to the change. Of course, you’ll miss the old way, before the change and wish that it never changed. But then, later on, you’ll realize that the change is for the better. Life without change is impossible.

It’s like the story of the crab that didn’t want to change his shell for a new shell because he just got used to it. Later on, his shell became smaller and smaller, he thought. But then, it wasn’t the shell that changed, it was him. He grew too big for the shell. You have to change, for the better. There will be no improvement or innovation to your life without change.

Change may be bitter, but trust me, it’ll be better. Sometimes, it’ll take time to get use to it, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Life would be boring without change. Change is like a jump to life, where you have to make an effort, but in the end, you’ll enjoy it.






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