My Favorite Things 005


As promised, I’ll be writing a “My Favorite Things” post today! I kind of had a difficult time for this one since it’s been more than 2 months since my last board and I’ve lose track of the things I like. I really should write them down for the next board so it’d be easier to compile them. But in any case, I still got 11 of my favorite things right now, so here we go!

1. The Big Bang Theory

I just started watching this yesterday, but I am enjoying it! It’s funny, light to watch, and just short enough to binge watch. I don’t have that much to say about this at the moment, but hopefully I’ll be able to update you when I’m gone deeper into the series (or to no return, some would say.. HAHAHA).


2. Hamilton in 7 Minutes – Animatic

So, I’ve loved Hamilton: An American Musical for almost a year now and, recently, I’ve gotten hooked with this particular animatic. It’s only 7 minutes long, but damn! It sends me into a feels trip, especially the last part. AND IT HAPPENS SO FAST THAT YOU’D NEED TO REPLAY CERTAIN PARTS IF NOT THE WHOLE THING!


3. Shakey’s Pizza – Manager’s Choice

Well, we don’t eat Shakey’s that often, so I appreciate the times when we do. Personally, their pizza wins, in terms of flavor, for me. Thankfully, I’ve had the chance to eat a lot of it these past 2 months because of certain occasions and people. Hopefully, I’d have some more of it in the coming days cos’ we’re supposed to have a free one this month!


4. Lipstick 

I’m not much of a fan when it comes to makeup since I don’t really understand the need for it in regular days, but I’ve been trying it out these past few weeks and it’s alright, I guess. I kind of need to learn how to apply it on myself because I have to use it every Sunday and my makeup artist (aka my mom) is urging me to do my own makeup.

Well, a total of three wonderful human beings have complimented me on it, therefore I think I’m doing a “not so bad” job with it.


5. Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging

I’ve actually watched this one waaaay before, but the movie’s alive again cos’ my sisters have stumbled upon it and they wanted to watch it. I’ve actually written a post about it when I was in the peak of my hormone-y teenage life (refer to MAD RANTING if you’re up for, as the title would suggest, “mad ranting”).

And I guess that’s what the move basically is – the teenage life of a teenage girl who’s going through what teenagers go through. Well, that and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who, unfortunately, isn’t in every teenage girl’s life. Sad.


6. Chihayafuru Live Action (Parts 1 & 2)

I actually just got to watch the first part for free in a movie theater near my university and I LOVED IT! I mean, I already knew about the movie and watched the trailer, but it did not prepare me for the intensity of the film! Watching it in the big screen just added to it’s intensity because you can really feel the passion within the characters while they chase after their goals.

Kurata isn’t just a card game. I guess I’ll leave it to you to find out why.

I guess two other reasons why I like the films so much is because Suzu Hirose’s such an amazing actress, filled with energy and passion as usual, and because Mackenyu Arata is such a cutie. Enjoy~!


7. The Flash

I’ve already included this in my previous board, but like skating, I’m still very much hooked by it. I finished the 3rd season more than a month ago and, THANKFULLY, I only had to wait a month and a day for the 4th season. I guess it wouldn’t be as easy to watch it now, since it’s ON-GOING, but I’m already so invested in the story and the characters that I can’t quit now. Believe it or not, there was actually a point in my life where I would dream about The Flash HAHAHA.

If you haven’t watched it yet, I STRONGLY suggest that you do. The trailer below’s for the 4th season already tho, so don’t watch it if you’re only starting to watch the series! Major spoiler alert!!


8. For Sale Card Game

One Monday night, my friend (slash dorm mate) and I suddenly craved for cheesecake. She just finished a hell weekend (4 EXAMS IN A WEEKEND, I THINK.. AND SHE HAD 2 EXAMS THAT DAY!), so we decided that she deserved it and I tagged along. While we were walking to the cafe, we bumped into another dorm mate and we all went together.

See, the cafe isn’t just a cafe – it’s filled with games! So while we were waiting for our food and after we ate, we played card games. Thankfully, there was a game master who was available and he taught us how to play the games.

I’ve already forgotten the other card game we played, but this particular one was a lot of fun, too. It’s basically a buy-and-sell game that doesn’t require much strategy. It doesn’t take up much time either, so it was fun and convenient for us.


9. Cheesecake & Kopiko 78

After little deliberation, I’ve decided to put these two together since they don’t need much of an explanation.

The cheesecake is cos’ of the encounter I’ve previously mentioned in #8. I wasn’t really planning on eating one that day, but I didn’t have a reason not to either. It was quite pricey, for me, but I didn’t regret the decision since we had a lot of fun in the cafe and the slice was pretty big, too.

And, on the other hand, I’ve been drinking Kopiko 78 more frequently this semester than any previous semesters, so I thought I’d include it. It’s my go-to drink for all-nighters and for days when I don’t think I’d be able to stop myself from sleeping (aka most days tbh). It’s really not something I should be drinking twice within 6 hours, but when the need calls for it, I always got a supply, in case.


And finally…

10. Head n’ Shoulders

Like most of the items in this board, I’ve stumbled upon this, by chance. My mom bought some since it was on sale, and let me tell you, it’s really good shampoo!  Though I don’t like how it irritates my eyes, the cool feeling I get when I wash it off is what I like about it the most. It also makes me feel that my hair’s really clean and it smells really good haha. I’ve been using it since summer classes and it’s really nice.

Aside from the shampoo, he’s actually someone I really like. Since this is a “My Favorite Things” board, I’m allowed to include him, right? For the people with whom I talk to about him (well, actually, it’s “for the people who are stuck with me talking about him almost 24/7”), it’s no secret how much I like him.

As I said in one of the poems, I’ve forgotten how scary it is to like someone. And it is VERY scary. There are good days and not-so-good days, but I’d take every chance I can get (correction: every chance I can get.. that doesn’t make me look like a stalker.. cos’ I’m not.. a stalker). I try not to think about him so much and, most times, I manage to do so, but thoughts of him are always just at the back of my mind.

AGAIN, let me just emphasize that I’m no stalker and I have nothing but WHOLESOME thoughts about him. He’s just a crush and I’m still allowed to have those, right?

In any case, he makes me happy to a high enough degree to be included here. Of course a lot of people and a lot of things make me happy, but well, you get the point, I hope.



And here ends this post. Hopefully, I’d be able to post “My Favorite Things” more frequently, but each interval would probably be no less than a month since I’d need to have new stuff added and it’s not actually easy to find new things to like in to a particular degree. I’m glad that I’ve been posting a lot more than before, so I hope this keeps up, too.

Goodbye for now~~!!







A Writer in Love

I’ve been writing stories since I was elementary, but I’ve never finished a single one. At some point, I thought they were all just garbage, so I decided to delete all of it. Surely enough, I regretted that decision when I was in sixth grade, when one of my best friends also liked writing stories. I got back into writing stories because of her and our days of talking about the stories we had in mind. I haven’t seen her in a while and I miss her for a lot of reasons, but I guess things change and these memories are something I’ll cherish forever. I’ll still get to see her of course, so I look forward to those memories we’ll be making together in the future.

I wasn’t much of a poem or essay person, but during my first year in high school, we had to write a lot of them for our English class. I’d say that was the time I realized my fondness for writing. I already liked reading books and writing stories at the time, so I guess I just discovered that I found it easier to express my thoughts and feelings in writing rather than in speech. I was a quiet girl and, most of the time, I still am, so writing was my only medium of expressing myself, really.

Then I made this blog. It’s probably one of the best decisions in life I’ve made, so far. I’ve probably said this before, but my friend and I made our blogs because we were inspired to do so by an upperclassman. She’s really talented and successful and, honestly, she’s been one of my life pegs since high school. So she had a blog, well she has a blog, but she doesn’t write that often anymore, and my friend and I made our own blogs. My friend was really good at writing to the point where I sort of envied her, but it was all good since she was doing her thing and I was doing mine. She deleted it though, consequently leaving me alone in this blogging adventure we once shared. Well, it was more of a personal thing on her part and I don’t really feel deserted by her. Personally, I would’ve still wanted us to be as close as we were before, but it was my fault and that’s a completely different story.

Now, writing’s the only thing I can do, I think. Well, I’m not saying I’m a good writer, but it’s something I can do remotely well. I don’t write as often as I’d like to due to my circumstances and my frequent state of being uninspired, but I still love writing nonetheless.

Thinking about it, that’s actually something we need more of in this world: Love. I know I’ve written a lot about it, from my crushes to sharing love to complete strangers, and from loving yourself to God’s love. It’s a really broad and complex topic and I still think everyone has their own meaning of love.

But can I just say that it’s such an amazing thing to be a writer.. and in love..?

I’m not just talking about the romantic kind that Shakespeare wrote about in most of his works. I’m talking about love for God’s creations, such as life and nature. There are so many things to write about, but being in love with what you’re writing about is just.. wonderful, in the best sense of the word.

And what we write will live on for centuries, even after we die. Sure, it might not be as well-known as Shakespeare’s and Hemingway’s, but it’ll still be there and someday, it might even be read by future writers. That’d be nice, I think.

I think all writers leave pieces of themselves in everything they write, from those mandatory essays and reaction papers to their personal works. So, imagine living through these little pieces even after you’re gone – pretty much like how a horcrux works in the Harry Potter universe. Cool, right?

So, this me right now is writing this post and she might not be the girl I was in the past and I might not be her tomorrow, but she’s left pieces of herself in her writing and I will leave pieces of myself in mine.



This post might be a bit messy, but this is probably the most well-written one I’ve posted in a while, so it’s okay. I started writing this because I felt frustrated that I’m not able to write a decent short story for my Wattpad account. I re-read my old ones and WHY DO THEY LOOK SO WELL-THOUGHT OF FOR ME???

So, yeah, I’m the girl with the pen who’s a writer in love.. with a lot of things- people, ideas, the world, life.. and I guess I’m in love with love, too. Or at least the idea of love.

Well isn’t this a fun post? HA. I have a quiz tomorrow and an exam on Saturday and what is life? And I’ve posted in two consecutive days! Wooh!

Also, I’d like to thank a lot of people, again. I might not be able to enumerate all the good things these people have done for me (even if they’re small and simple things) because there’s a lot of them, but thank you nonetheless for making these past few days brighter and for making me happier. So much love for you all~ ❤


How To Get Your S**t Together 101

For a girl who’s planned her life when she was grade six, I think I’m doing an awful job at time management and planning my day-to-day activities. See, in theory, it’s fairly easy to plan things out, but in reality, it’s really difficult tot actually execute those plans. I’m taking up a course that aims for “efficiency and effectiveness” all the while being this inefficient and ineffective person that I am. HA.

I’ve realized this for quite some time now –  this happens every semester. No, actually, it gets worse every time. So, I decided to search previous posts by looking up “how to get your shit together”. And here’s what came up!

September 6,2014: “The Art of Getting By”

“How can you fight yourself into feeling okay and getting by life? I find it really hard to make everything seem fine when all that pessimism, sadness, and loneliness is just steps behind me. I’m starting to sleep during classes again and I feel that my grades are dropping. I hate myself. Ugh.

I have to be the person I want myself to be. Someone independent, responsible, intellectual, and strong. Someone people would look up to, someone trustworthy. By the looks of it, I have a lot of improvements to do. I really need to get a grip and do my best. It’s better to do everything now, while I can, rather than regret the things I failed to do.”

December 20, 2015: “Picking Yourself Up”

“Then after that period, I have the period which I would like to call “getting my shit together” period where I pick myself up and work again towards who I want to be- a strong and independent woman who knows what she wants to achieve and does everything to get it. I’m a long way to go from that dream, but I guess by taking one step at a time, it’s possible.

What do I do during that period? Well, first of all, I clean up. I can’t work in such a messy place. I list down everything I need to do and plan it all out. I make a realistic execution plan, a one with breaks in between studying and being productive. I try my best to make time for everything important to me, not only academics but also friends, family, and myself.”

November 20, 2016: “Dancing on a Rainy Day”

It’s not easy, at all, but I’m faking it till’ I make it- till’ I make myself believe that I understand the lessons and that I can do it. It’s actually working because instead of giving up completely at the sight of limits and natural logarithms, I treat it as a challenge and hype myself up by accepting it.

I’ve forgotten how my attitude towards things have a huge impact in my life- to my future. I’m really stubborn and forgetful, so it’s difficult for me to learn from my mistakes. It’s hard to change. I can’t explain it very well, but I guess we all have some aspects of ourselves that we want to improve, so I guess you get my point. But as the quote goes, “If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done”. Aside from faking it, taking the first step to becoming a better version of yourself is another thing you should do to be able to change for the better.

I admit that I wasn’t able to do my best this semester. I gave myself too many breaks because I thought I deserved it after a tiring day. During some trials, I thought I couldn’t do it so I let myself give up. And that’s not right. The past me, both elementary and high school would be disappointed with how I am now. And this is not how I want myself to be. I’ve always dreamed to become a very successful, smart, strong, and independent woman in the future. I really need to get my shit together.

So yes, I need to learn how to dance in the rain- to be positive amidst life’s challenges. I have to figure out how to prioritize things and manage my time more wisely. I need to venture through the different opportunities of how I can follow my passion in writing and how to grow as a writer, despite the several things I see as nuisances and hindrances to it. In rainy days like this, pessimism isn’t going to help, so might as well be this positive idiot than be down about it.

April 19, 2017: “Make it or break it”

“It’s really difficult to do for a person like me for a lot of reasons, such as being distracted easily and terrible sleeping habits. I failed yesterday, I succeeded today, and I’ll try again tomorrow.

I guess life’s just really like that, full of fluctuations and ups and downs. The important part is to never give up because once you’ve considered giving up or settling for less than the goals that you’ve been aiming for, then you’d be stuck with that mindset. I admit that I’m stubborn and I forget this a lot, but I just can’t give up on this semester. I can’t let my parents and myself down. I can’t afford to fail any classes, again.

So, I’m still overweight, sleepy, awkward, poor in time management, stubborn, forgetful, too easy on myself, and the like. But I’m also a work in progress and, despite all the negative stuff about me, I’d say there’s some good points, too. I believe in myself that I can overcome the challenges I’m facing with God’s help and I know that He will never leave me nor forsake me and that He has a plan for me. Without Him, I am nothing, and with Him, nothing is impossible.

I hope you’re having a great day and if you’re troubled with your own challenges, trust in God and do your best! Never give up! And don’t forget to share the love! ❤”

May 23, 2017: “A Tablespoon of one big mess~”

  1. ‘Time management is key’ AF
  3. Take GENUINE interest in what you’re learning.
  4. Make time for you and your passions, too.
  5. Take a daily dose of positivity!
  6. Spend your money wisely. 


There you have it! FIVE posts from my past self that can hopefully teach me a thing or two about getting my shit together. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had it as together as I’d like it to be, but I’d say it’s such a mess right now.. I don’t even know :(.

It’s been more than five years since I made this blog and I’d like to think that I’ve changed a lot since then (mostly positive change? haha). But really, I feel like I’m losing some of the good aspects of my previous self and I just feel sad. I’m not her anymore and she’s not me. So who am I?

And if I don’t know who I am, then what am I supposed to do now?




Flash Post 020: Is this blog even mine?

Because I keep writing about someone else.. 😦

I don’t know what I’m gonna do ’bout me liking you,

See, I think about you ALL THE TIME –  it’s distracting.

Should I stop this – just be friends? Is that what I should do?

Or should I keep this up – see what the future will bring?

I’d love to continue this poem, but I’ve only allotted 15 minutes for writing this and my time’s almost up. I think about the guy too much already, so I can’t let thoughts of him take up more of my time.

I should probably just stop this cos’, rather than him being just a happy crush, it’s become a sort of infatuation wherein I over think too much and it’s getting really.. alarming.

I think I’m allowed to post this since it’s highly unlikely that he’d read this and, even if he does, I doubt that he’d care.

Since, in his perspective, this poem isn’t for him and he’s not the person that I like.

Am I making sense? Well, sometimes it’s alright not to.

Well, he’s that sort of person – ever so slightly oblivious – but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care.

I guess, he just doesn’t know.

Or does he?

Probably not, but who knows?

Image result for pineapple gif





Dad, if you’re reading this, please don’t talk to me about it. If you do, I will change my URL or stop this blog and move to some other blog website. I swear.

Flash Post 019: MCM

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life and I’m gonna make loads more mistakes, but supporting a fellow Filipino on his journey of pursuing his passion in figure skating is not one of them. Sure, it’s highly unlikely that I’d ever buy stuff and ship them internationally for someone I don’t personally know, but I have little to no regrets in doing so for him.

I have to make this shorter than all my other flash posts (cos’ of my statics exam later DX), but this post is dedicated to no other than Michael Christian Martinez. He became famous for being the FIRST skater in the Winter Olympics to come from Southeast Asia and the ONLY Filipino athlete to compete in said competition back in 2014. It’s been a lot of years since then and yet he’s still chasing after his dreams in figure skating –  constantly pushing himself to exceed his limits and achieve his goals.

Sadly, he wasn’t able to qualify for next year’s Winter Olympics. Only 6 slots were left after the Worlds 2017, which skaters fought for in the recent Nebelhorn Trophy 2017. He got 8th place out of 26 competitors which isn’t bad, but it didn’t earn him a slot in the Winter Olympics either.

A lot of people are hating on him for focusing more on his appearance than his actual skating and for spending too much time vlogging, and admittedly, I sometimes do think that he needs to focus more on skating than anything else. But we don’t see everything that goes on in his life. I’m sure he works hard both on and off the ice, but he also deserves to live his life like everyone else. Sure, he’s a skater and a really good one, at that, but he’s also a 20-year old human being trying to live his life the way he wants to do so.

Now, I’ve watched his performances and, personally, I think they’re two of the best he’s done in a while. Forgive me for not being that acquainted with specific figure skating terms and for my lack of skills to actually describe performances properly. All I can say that I saw him give his all in both of the programs and it warms my heart to see him that happy on ice – doing what he loves doing – especially after his short program. And his Biellmann spin was magnificent, as always.

So yes, he didn’t get in, but as they say “When one door closes, two doors open.” He didn’t get this one, but God has a lot in store for him, like he has for you and me, so I hope Michael would just keep trusting God and working hard towards his passion.

Michael, if ever you’re reading this (which I highly doubt because you’re too busy doing your thing haha), I’m proud of you and I’m sure a lot of people, especially Filipinos, are proud of you, too. Don’t let the hate get you down cos’ you’re better than that. Just keep chasing your dreams because you’re inspiring a lot of people, myself included. I’m glad to see you enjoy giving it your all out there and I’m sure there’s a lot more to come for you. Good luck in all your endeavors and we’re just gonna be here to support you all the way. May God bless you always~! ❤



Also, if you haven’t seen his performances yet, here they are:

Short Program:

Free Skate:


(Well, I gotta go back to studying cos’ I have an exam later. There are times when it’s harder for me to study for a class because I failed the first exam TERRIBLY.. This is one of those times.. But I’ll live, I guess.. Till’ next time~)

Flash Post 018: Things I Probably Shouldn’t Do Again..

Well, I’m at the school library once again. And I just passed my homework that was given a WEEK before which I only tried answering today. I know it’s horrible and I’m such a mess right now. Thinking about it- when am I not a mess? HA. I should really get my shit together if I plan on getting through college and life.

AND THAT IS WHY I’M WRITING THIS POST!! I’m really stubborn, forgetful, and horrible at time management and prioritizing, SO I’m gonna try to list down the stuff I should never do again in this lifetime.. Well, they’re more like do it again AT YOUR OWN RISK stuff, really. To clarify, these are things we should NEVER do.. They’re not resolutions; they’re a list of “at least never mess up this much in life again”.


  1. Cramming a week’s worth of problem exercises in 4 hours….
  2. Studying for TWO exams I’m gonna take on the same day.. the night/morning before….
  3. Cramming a lot of lecture’s worth of info.. in one night (give or take 12 hours..)….
  4. Drinking more than 2 servings of coffee in less than 12 hours….
  5. Cramming a writing assignment, given WEEKS BEFORE, a few minutes before its deadline….
  6. Attempting to binge watch an anime with 24 EPISODES within a day….
  7. Sleeping through a whole 2-hour/3-hour lecture class….
  8. Getting a sprain because my crush and I just passed by each other….
  9. Cramming for a recitation class by studying an e-book in my phone ON THE JEEPNEY RIDE TO SAID CLASS….
  10. Reading A READING THAT ISN’T THE SCHEDULED ONE during my service as a lector….
  11. Eating too much of something in such a little period of time….
  12. Spending A LOT OF MONEY and shipping stuff to someone I don’t even personally know…. who’s staying in ANOTHER COUNTRY….
  13. Taking another semester of Engineering Drawing (I passed already tho lmao)….
  14. Writing a blog post about how I thought my close friend was getting in the way of me getting in a certain section (which ended up with us not being as close as before)….
  15. Cutting a class to try enlisting in another class THAT HAS A SEPARATE DISCUSSION CLASS WITH TIME SLOTS THAT DO NOT FIT MY SCHEDULE…..
  16. …..


Okay, that’s 15 + “….”  things. All things considered, I’d say it’s only a few of the things I’ve done that I should never do again. I’m a human being– a really messy one at that– so this much is understandable, I think. Well, I’m a work in progress and I sure hope I can remember to not do all those things again.

That’s it for this Flash Post (in the library 002), I guess haha. Till’ next time~!



To my parents, if you’re reading this, yes I know I’ve made a lot of terrible mistakes. But I’m working on it and these things just take time. I’ll make you proud. I promise.

Me when I found out that the homework was due today:

Me whenever I think I’ve successfully talked to someone:

Me most of the time:

My crush (hihi):

Me to my crush:

Am I getting addicted to gif’s?